This list of beers on tap is updated on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is possible that one of the beers listed may sell out before you get here. . . so, if you're visiting PBC® because you see YOUR favorite beer listed, please don't be disappointed if we don't have it available. If it's THAT important to you, please feel free to give us a call at 771-2795 and ask for the Tap-tender on duty and he or she can let you know." Thanks – Your Hardworking, Beer-Loving Brewers.

PBC® Rockin Rye-PA

PBC-Ponderosa_IPA.pngA slight variation on the West Coast style IPA. This exceptionally smooth Red IPA has a good malt backbone, with hints of caramel and some spiciness from the rye malt. Simcoe and Centennial hops were added in large doses at the end of the boil and in the fermenter for some huge hope flavor and aroma.  

7.4% ABV  |  70 IBUs

PBC® Achocolypse


Chocolate Porter

A delicate blend of dark and bitter chocolates infused into a classic Porter. This beer has been in development for over 3 years until the brewers hit perfection.

PBC® Ponderosa IPA

PBC-Ponderosa_IPA.pngOur India Pale Ale is a medium bodied ale, with a light copper color characterized by an intense hop flavor, a full flowery hop aroma and higher alcohol content.

PBC® Petrified Porter


A light to medium bodied porter, dark brown in color with a ruby red hue. Flavors of chocolate and roasted coffee.

PBC® Strawberry Wheat

PBC-StrawberryAn unfiltered American Wheat beer, with a huge amount of strawberry juice added. Light and refreshing, with a great strawberry aroma and flavor. Perfect for  summertime drinking.

5.2% ABV  |  17 IBUs

PBC® Bock of Ages

PBC-Bock_of_Ages.pngStyle: helles bock

Bock of Ages: A German Maibock. Golden in color, with a complex malt flavor and light hop finish. The smooth finish of this bock lager hides the ABV very well

7.3% ABV  |  24 IBU's

PBC® Prescott Pale Ale

PBC-Pale_ale.pngCharacterized by its pale copper color, this brew is of medium body. Its pronounced hop bitterness & aroma is induced by the generous use of Northern Brewer, Liberty & Chinook hops in the boil and Willamette hops in the finish.

PBC® Willow Wheat

willowwheatA light and refreshing American style Hefeweizen. Unfiltered and golden in color.

5.2% ABV  |  17 IBU's

PBC® Liquid Amber

PBC-Liquid_Amber.pngA medium bodied ale with a malty caramel flavor and little hop character. Very smooth and flavorful.

PBC® Lodgepole Light

PBC-Lodgepole_light.pngPBC® Cream Ale, light in flavor, color and aroma. Cream ales are mild and light bodied with no hop aroma and very little hop flavor.