To kinda help make up for the slightly less attractive regular lunch club deal…we’re introducing our “Lucky Lunch Letters” weekly game.

Here’s the scoop…. each Friday morning we will draw two Scrabble board game letters…say they are “R” and “N”… those are the lucky letters for the upcoming FREE LUNCH GIVEAWAY the following Thursday for EVERYONE whose first and last names begin with the letters drawn… “R” and “N” in the above example.

So… my name is “Roxane Nielsen”… I qualify for a free lunch on the Thursday following the Friday drawing. So would “Roger Nincumpoop” and “Rogelio Nunez”… so would EVERYONE who has the lucky initials of “R” and “N” drawn that week!

We’ll be Twittering, Facebooking and Web-siting every Friday afternoon what the Lucky Lunch Letters will be for next Thursday… all you need to do is follow us on Facebook, Twitter or heck… just give us a plain old-fashioned telephone call at 771-2795 and ask what the lucky letters of the week are.

Plan your next Thursday lunch outing at PBC® and LUNCH IS FREE… ON US… GRATIS… that’s right, any menu entrée including a non-alcoholic drink… totally free for you on Thursday.