LodgepoleLightLodgepole Light

starqualityPBC's Cream Ale, light in flavor, color and aroma. Cream ales are mild and light bodied with no hop aroma and very little hop flavor.

( 13 Votes )


PurifiedPorterPetrified Porter

starqualityA light to medium bodied porter, dark brown in color with a ruby red hue. Flavors of chocolate and roasted coffee.

( 15 Votes )


prescottpalealePrescott Pale Ale

starqualityCharacterized by its pale copper color, this brew is of medium body.Its pronounced hop bitterness & aroma is induced by the generous use of Northern Brewer, Liberty & Chinook hops in the boil and Willamette hops in the finish.

( 8 Votes )


PonderosaIPAPonderosa IPA

starqualityOur India Pale Ale is a medium bodied ale, with a light copper color characterized by an intense hop flavor, a full flowery hop aroma and higher alcohol content.

( 39 Votes )


LiquidAmberLiquid Amber

A medium bodied ale with a malty caramel flavor and little hop character. Very smooth and flavorful.

( 29 Votes )


willowwheatWillow Wheat

Our American style unfiltered wheat beer is a light bodied straw colored ale and has a refreshing crisp flavor.

( 11 Votes )



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