Beer to go



5.16 Gallon Kegs - Call for current prices
7.75 Gallon Kegs - Call for current prices
15.5 Gallon Kegs - Call for current prices
$100.00 cash deposit for the keg and $50.00 for a tap are required upon placement of keg order.
24 hour advance notice on kegs.


PBC® offers a variety of beers to go in several different packaging formats. 
Because We Can . . . Our most popular "beer-to-go"
Half-Gallon Refillable Glass Growlers 
(also known as Logo Jugs) (some specialty beers may vary) - $15.00
You keep the Growler and can have it REFILLED 
(some specialty beers may vary) - $11.00
Six-Packs 12-ounce cans brewed & packaged at PBC’s® microbrewery production plant out near the Prescott airport, and can be purchased here at the pub, prices vary & are subject to availability.
•  Lodgepole Light
•  Liquid Amber
•  Ponderosa IPA
•  Manzanita Red
•  Achocolypse
•  Palepricot
Six-Packs also available at many retailers and liquor stores around the state, including most of the big box liquor stores, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprout’s, Sunflower Markets, Safeway's and more.  Be sure to look for it where YOU shop for beer…and if they don’t have it, tell ‘em to GET IT!
A discount is now offered on purchases of a case of 6-packs (4) - same brand!!
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